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Returning to Viper for the first time since 2016 which saw the release of the killer double-sided single “Prometheus / Cryogenics”, the duo are back in a big way, this time with the aptly named “Ruckus”.

Known for their adrenaline-fueled dancefloor weapons with a sci-fi twist, “Ruckus” is certainly no exception. Opening on a frenzied note, the drama is present from the first note, building in complexity and anticipation before the drop.

Loud, bold, and brazen drum & bass at its finest, Killer Hertz have certainly proven they’ve only gotten better over the years; “Ruckus” is sure to put them back on the map in a new era of Drum & Bass. Crisp snares, blazing basslines, and dramatic risers all come together under the clean production of Killer Hertz – “Ruckus” is not one to sleep on.

Viper are proud to welcome back Killer Hertz to the label in 2024; “Ruckus” is but another massive single for the label celebrating two decades at the top of their game.

Killer Hertz – Ruckus
1. Ruckus
Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR332
Genre: Drum & Bass
Release Date: 3rd May 2024
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