Since its inception in 2004, Viper Recordings has long been a formidable force behind the modern drum & bass scene.

Responsible for releasing some of the biggest dancefloor hits of the past fifteen years as well as providing a home for emerging and established talent alike, there is no questioning Viper has consistently moved from strength to strength to become the powerhouse that it is today.

Viper’s current roster of artists includes an impressive selection of veterans alongside the hottest emerging talent, with household names like; ​Matrix & Futurebound, Cyantific, and Brookes Brothers ​sitting alongside future stars Dossa & Locuzzed, BMotion, Giganti, Insomniax, Blaine Stranger, Ekko & Sidetrack​ and newest signings ​Murdock,​ ​Jack Mirror​, Millbrook, and Madface.

In addition to such a strong roster, Viper has also recently released music from; ​Calyx & Teebee, Teddy Killerz, Hybrid Minds, DC Breaks, Tantrum Desire, Turno, Koven, Memtrix, Mob Tactics, Jaguar Skills, Trei​ and more in recent years, highlighting their strength in diversity and consistent quality over the years.

With such an impressive network of artists, Viper has also dominated the biggest events worldwide, with stages at ​EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Reading Festival, Let It Roll, Rampage​ and more. As well as dominating the international festival circuit, Viper have also recently hosted a series of sell-out events at London’s premiere underground clubs, Fabric & Egg – the perfect homage to the brand’s underground roots.

As you can gauge, the ‘Viper’ name has become synonymous with success, releasing an impressive collection of chart-topping records over the years and being at the forefront of breaking new talent by discovering some of the biggest producers in the scene.​Sigma, Nero, Camo&Krooked, Metrik, ShockOne, BrookesBrothers​, S​mooth,​​ Maduk​,​ InsideInfo​,​ The Prototypes, Delta Heavy​, ​Koven​, ​DC Breaks, ​to name a few, are all gleaming examples of ​Futurebound​’s eye for talent, not forgetting his own chart topping releases alongside ​Matrix​.

With such a strong catalogue behind the brand including their annual compilations ​‘The Sound of Drum & Bass’​, ​‘Summer Slammers’​ & the ​‘Bassrush’​ series it’s no surprise Viper have been at the forefront of streaming – yet another indication of Viper’s position ahead of the curve.

In 2009 Viper celebrated 5 years in the game by releasing the seminal ​‘Acts Of Mad Men’ L.P​ which held the top spot on numerous stores as well as being Zane Lowe’s BBC R1 ‘album of the week’ amongst many other accolades.

Fast forward to 2019 and the genre leading label presented ​Acts Of Mad Men – Volume.2​ in line with their ​15 years celebrations and the prestigious label & their talented artists took their undeniable sound to the four corners of the globe hosting full on 15 years of Viper events & takeovers, creating the future as they go.

Now, in 2020, Viper have pushed the boundaries even further, with their massive Follow The Sun compilation and 24 hour global livestream, featuring Viper friends & family from all across the globe. Traveling from New Zealand & Australia to Japan, Europe, the UK, North America, and Canada, this international celebration was a highlight for the label, and, as always, there is still plenty more in store from Viper Recordings.