Dossa & Locuzzed

Silence / Tribe


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Continuing to explore their brand new sound and hot on the heels of recent releases “Prism” and “Dusk”, the Austrian duo are back with yet another taste of their bold new direction, this time in the form of “Silence” and “Tribe”.

“Silence”, in stark contrast of its name, opens on a frantic note, enticing the listener with its unusually complex introduction that is as engaging as it is hypnotic. Frenzied yet displaying masterful control, Dossa & Locuzzed create an immersive atmosphere right from the start that is at time euphoric and hazy, while others dark and mysterious. Reminiscent of Austria’s other most beloved duo, there must certainly be something in the air as the quality of these tunes is second to none. Experimental, cinematic, and completely mesmerizing, Dossa & Locuzzed have certainly proven they’re a force to be reckoned with, and “Silence” is only the half of it.

The flipside of the single, “Tribe”, is a much more visceral tune, as the name might suggest. Embodying mystical tribal energy and a somewhat ominous intro, Dossa & Locuzzed set a foreboding scene full of mystery and intrigue. Of course, the drop is much more reminiscent of classic Dossa & Locuzzed, set to decimate dancefloors with every sinister note. Heavy yet completely creative, “Tribe” is drum & bass like you haven’t heard before, and a strong indicator of the type of tracks to expect from this new direction.

A staple in the Viper house, Dossa & Locuzzed have long been experimenting with new takes on drum & bass, and they’re certainly at the top of their game with these latest offerings. Keep an eye on Dossa & Locuzzed as you can be sure to expect the unexpected from them in 2021

Dossa & Locuzzed – Silence / Tribe
1. Silence
2. Tribe
Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR255
Genre: Drum & Bass
Release Date: 26th November 2021
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