Viper Presents : Official DNB Sample Pack Vol.3
(W/ Black Octopus Sound)

Following the huge success of Viper’s first two official D&B sample packs, Viper are pleased to partner with industry leaders Black Octopus Sound for the first time to present Viper Recordings Official D&B Sample Pack V.3.

Want your tracks to sound as crisp and tight as the ones you hear on Viper Recordings? You can be one step closer with the highly anticipated 3rd edition to the Viper Recordings Official D&B Sample Pack series!

This pack contains a 750mb, extensive selection of expertly crafted drum and bass loops and one-shots, synth loops, impacts, risers and more. Created by an impressive roster of core Viper artists, at the pinnacle of Dancefloor, Neurofunk and Liquid Drum & Bass. Viper’s international roster includes some of the most established names like Matrix & Futurebound, Dossa & Locuzzed, Ekko & Sidetrack as well as plenty of fresh & exciting talent like Madface, V O E, Jack Mirror, Solomon France, Blaine Stranger and more.

Sample Pack Highlights:
  • Drag and drop straight into your productions. Each sample / loop has been crafted & processed so you don’t need to waste time getting bogged down in technical issues
  • Use the pack as a starting tool. Whether it’s a synth loop, drum sound or quirky effect, this pack is full of sounds and ideas to get you started or bring life to a current project
  • High quality drum hits & loops to suit any style of Drum & Bass
  • Drum sounds ranging from acoustic to fully synthetic and combined
  • Bass hits & loops created using the wealth of knowledge and production techniques of the Viper crew
  • Synth loops in a variety of keys and tempos, including Wet & Dry variations
  • High-end equipment used to process sounds
  • Signature sounds from your favourite artists you can hear in isolation, then take to that next step by adding your own stamp
What sets this sample pack apart is the level of attention to detail that Viper has poured into every sound. From the tight and punchy drums to the rich and intricate bass lines, each element has been crafted with the utmost care and precision. The result is a collection of sounds that will inspire you to create tracks that stand out from the rest.

This sample pack offers a wide range of Drum loops that are production ready. Broken down into Full Loops, Kick & Snare Loops and Top Loops, giving you full control over mixing them into your tracks. On top of that is the Drum One-shots that provide the foundations to make any top-level Drum and Bass drum loop you desire, from classic jungle breaks to modern Neurofunk sounds, the sonic possibilities are endless!

The bass loops and one-shots are ready to inspire crowd-moving drops while still providing the deep, rumbling bass lines that are so characteristic of Drum & Bass. Each sound has been carefully curated and processed to ensure maximum impact and clarity, making it easy for you to incorporate them into your latest projects.

The Melodic loops and FX provide the icing on top of your solid Drum and Bass hit and are ready to go, straight out of the pack. The synth loops will pull your listeners into a world of emotion and euphoria, while the expert selection of FX will provide the glue to meld your track sections together and provide a sense of tension and release throughout the listening experience.

Viper Recordings Official D&B Sample Pack V.3 marks another strong addition to pack collections for aspiring and accomplished producers who are hungry to further enhance their production skillset by dissecting sounds, lovingly crafted by successful artists in their favourite genre. So whether you’re looking for a hard-hitting Neurofunk banger, festival anthem Dance Floor hit or maybe an emotive Liquid masterpiece, the Viper Drum & Bass sample pack 3.0 has you covered.

Sample Pack Includes:

  • 468 Total Sounds
  • 758 MB’s of Sounds
  • 135 Drum Loops
  • 45 Full
  • 45 Kick Snare
  • 45 Tops
  • 97 Drum One Shots
  • 40 Snares
  • 29 Kicks
  • 22 Hats
  • 5 Percs
  • 1 Crash
  • 90 Bass Loops
  • 40 Bass One shots
  • 37 Synth Loops
  • 33 FX
  • 18 Impacts
  • 13 Risers
  • 2 Fallers
  • 2 Synth One Shots

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