Viper presents – Official DnB Sample Pack V.2

Following the huge success of Viper’s first ever official D&B sample pack release in 2015, Viper are pleased to present Viper Recordings Official D&B Sample Pack V.2 created by Viper artists.

Viper Recordings Official D&B Sample Pack V.2 marks another strong addition to pack collections for aspiring and accomplished producers who are hungry to further enhance their production skillset by dissecting sounds, lovingly crafted by successful artists in their favourite genre.

Sample Pack Highlights:

    • Drag and drop straight into your productions. Each sample / loop has been crafted & processed so you don’t need to waste time getting bogged down in technical issues
    • Use the pack as a starting tool. Whether it’s a synth loop, drum sound or quirky effect, this pack is full of sounds and ideas to get you started or bring life to a current project
    • High quality drum hits & loops to suit any style of Drum & Bass
    • Drum sounds ranging from acoustic to fully synthetic and combined
    • Bass hits & loops created using the wealth of knowledge and production techniques of the Viper crew
    • Synth loops in a variety of keys and tempos, including Wet & Dry variations
    • High-end equipment used to process sounds
    • Signature sounds from your favourite artists you can hear in isolation, then take to that next step by adding your own stamp


‘I’ve been road testing this for a few weeks now and boy it really packs a punch. If you’re a producer and fan of the Viper sound you’re going to love the new Viper Sample Pack V.2’

Erb & Dub
‘The new Viper sample pack V.2 is pure vibes from start to finish, it’ll have you cranking out fresh beats 24/7!!’

The Prototypes
‘Love this pack! Some real skills have gone into making this! I’ll be using this in my tracks for sure’

‘This pack is sick! Started using it straight away and I think it’ll be my go to choice for some time.’

T & Sugah
‘Very well mixed and versatile set of drum loops. The Bass , synths and effects are top notch as well. You can basically make a full, proper sounding DnB tune using only this pack!’

Grab yours now