Murdock feat. Dynamite MC

Dark Cloud


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The announcement of Murdock’s album sent shockwaves throughout the wider world of electronic music, and not just drum & bass; that’s because he’s reigned supreme over the music circuit for years, heading up Belgium’s Rampage Festival and helping thousands of ravers worldwide enjoy some of their favourite artists, alongside the best technics live spaces have seen.
But he’s also dedicated as much of his time to his own sonic art, the type of has already been unveiled across a variety of mainstay drum & bass labels. Although for his landmark album, he returns to Viper, a label which is celebrating fifteen years of its history with an exciting addition to their catalogue. After already dropping Murdock’s first single ‘Holding On’ earlier this summer, the electric collaboration with James Marvel, he’s set to revisit ‘Stronger’ with brand new single ‘Dark Cloud’ ft. Dynamite MC.

Dynamite MC is one of the many renowned featuring artists who’ve made an appearance throughout Murdock’s ‘Stronger’ LP. He adds his tell-tale vocals to a track which takes you through the darker side of Murdock’s production; the flipside of records like ‘Holding On’. Flipping drum patterns and a foreboding intro takes you up into its first climatic breakdown. Although not without the synths which are a signature of Murdock’s production, there’s a moodiness that seeps through its every layer. Murdock shows that ‘Stronger’ will be an exploration of the diversity he’s worked on since he first began making music and this makes an appearance throughout the album. ‘Holding On’ and ‘Dark Cloud’ are just two instances of this versatility.

Viper deliver yet another groundbreaking record and in doing so, they prove why they’ve managed to build over a decade’s worth of quality releases.

Murdock feat. Dynamite MC
1. Dark Cloud
Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR186
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 23rd August 2019
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