What Now


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Undeniably one of the most exciting new acts to emerge in 2019 was Viper’s newest signing Millbrook. With a consistent slew of singles proving his incredible ability from the get-go, Millbrook has quickly become a favourite amongst DJs and fans alike. “Rituals” earned the formidable talent early support from UKF, while his collaborative “The Rise” with Vorso & Mad Hed City was a BBC Radio 1 favourite for weeks – and that is just the beginning. Millbrook was also invited to contribute to Matrix & Futurebound’s ‘Mystery Machine’ remix compilation, a huge honour and ultimate testament to the rising star’s abilities, with his take on ‘Hindsight’ supported by Liquicity.

Now, entering 2020 in a big way, Millbrook is releasing yet another soon to be iconic single, this time in the form of ‘What Now’. A somewhat erratic opening paints the picture of a bustling market, slowly building in depth and intrigue as Millbrook masterfully layers in new sounds in what is quickly becoming his signature approach to drum & bass. Cinematic and incredibly enthralling, Millbrook takes the time to build an entire immersive world before tearing things up with a heavy yet groovy drop in an unexpected way.

Chaotic yet crisp, Millbrook’s sound design shines through in all his productions; paired with such creative arrangements and ideas, the result is something uniquely stunning each and every time, and this latest release is no exception. Millbrook has already proven he’s one to watch with such a strong 2019, and 2020 will undoubtedly be an even bigger year for the talented producer.

1. What Now
Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR196
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 17th January 2020
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