After making a huge impact with his first release, the exciting & fresh Millbrook is back!

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Continuing on his path to success, new single ‘Rituals/Beyond’ gives new insight into the creative mind that is Millbrook. ‘Rituals’ delivers an incredibly elegant opening, with soft pads and a welcoming ambiance that enchants right from the start. However, what stands out most about the track is the drop. Taking the listener completely by surprise, Millbrook dishes out a hearty dose of funky, fresh, and totally original beats while still maintaining the cinematic atmosphere built from the beginning, and cements the talented producer’s name in the Viper catalogue indefinitely.

The flip side of the singe, ‘Beyond’, gives us a look at Millbrook’s darker side, joining forces with Disprove & Ordure with a much more ominous intro that builds equal parts suspense and anticipation. Dedicating ample time to creating the perfect build-up, it flaunts their craftmanship before unpacking an obliterating neurofunk drop that is sure to decimate dancefloors the world over.

With only his second label release under the Millbrook moniker, the producer has already proven he is a force to be reckoned with and is sure to turn heads with this latest release. Showing no signs of slowing down and an impressive amount of creativity, diversity, and technical skill, there is no doubting Futurebound has unearthed another diamond to welcome to the Viper family.

Millbrook – Rituals / Beyond w/ Disprove & Ordure
1. Rituals
2. Beyond w/ Disprove & Ordure
Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR176
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 21st June 2019
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