Knowledge Magazine has put up the Matrix & Futurebound Classic Cover CD on their website. Head over to Kmag to read the article and download the mix:

Matrix & Futurebound give us the lowdown on their cover CD:

Matrix & Futurebound – Shanghai Surprise (Metro / Viper)
“A brand-spankin’ new banger from us to you. Fresh out of Cubase and onto the turntable, this is one of ‘the new batch’ coming very soon.”

Shock One – Way You Move (Viper)
“Shock One drops another dancefloor killer with a touch of Led Zeppelin thrown in for good measure.”

InsideInfo – Sneaker (Viper)
“Inside Info has such a technical sound going on in his productions and always maintains the funk in his b-lines. This one’s an out-and-out ripper.”

Sigma – Hi Top (Viper)
“Sigma are another outfit who can flick between styles with ease, and this tune for us captures everything we love about D&B.”

DC Breaks – Mankind (Viper)
“These guys have been building an impressive arsenal of next-level D&B tracks, and on their Viper debut they’ve hit the jackpot with Mankind, backed by the gargantuan Romper on the flip.”

L-Plus – Middle East Sun (Viper)
“Straight out of nowhere, Slovakian supremo L-Plus drops the squelching bass monster ‘Middle East Sun’. We love this great DJ tool and so does everybody else! Deep and very HEAVY!”

Matrix & Futurebound – Universal Truth (Metro / Viper)
“The lead cut taken from our album of the same name and definitely the one that got the wheels in motion for that project.”

T-Phonic – Keep Moving (Viper V.I.P.)
“The first release on Viper’s sister label V.I.P. T’s got a great ear for writing beautiful melodies. Keep your eyes and ears on this chap.”

Jaquan – Riverplate (Viper)
“Our old buddy Jaquan takes an age to write great tunes like this, and the results are always worth the wait. This tune is just magical.”

Matrix & Futurebound – Family (Nu:Tone & Logistics remix) (Metro / Viper)
>> Matrix & Futurebound – Family (original) (Metro / Viper)
“We pulled off a cheeky, little mix of blending Nu:Tone & Logistics’ cracking take on Family with our original. Why have one family when you can have two?”

Nu:Tone feat. Natalie Williams – System (Matrix & Futurebound remix) (Hospital)
“Our remix of Dan & Natalie’s beautiful ‘System’ always seems to be a winner with the ladies, and therefore it shall remain in the box for a long time to come.”

Futurebound Vs. Brookes Brothers – Dawn Treader (Breakbeat Kaos)
“This one was a long time coming and thankfully the results turned out good with a nice blend of both our styles. Watch out for more material from Futurebound & Brookes very soon.”

Metrik – Technicolour (Viper)
“Another new member to the Viper squadron, Metrik drops an epic bomb – one you’ll be sure to hear over the summer months and beyond. Beautiful.”

Shimon & Andy C – Skirmish (Ram)
“We both love this one from years ago, and it’s back in the bag again. Classic Ram.”

Matrix & Futurebound – Womb (Metro / Viper)
“We wrote this track on tour in Japan, for our show at the legendary Tokyo club of the same name and it features all the main ingredients of our sound.”

Agent Alvin – Wicked Man (Viper)
“Agent Alvin draws the disco vibes and delivers a funk-fuelled, energetic roller. Dropping very soon.”

Matrix & Futurebound – Skyscraper (Metro / Viper)
“This one seems to be one of the fans’ favourites from the album, and always whips up a frenzy on the floor. Keep your ears to the ground for a very tasty remix coming along shortly.”

L-Plus – Rage (Metro)
“L-Plus goes in on a cheeky number, and provides large amounts of the fun factor for the floor”

Matrix & Shimon – Slipstream (AudioPorn)
“Always good fun working with Shim, and on ‘Slipstream’ we’ve produced a heavy, roller with a strong cinematic feel.”

Shock One – Polygon (Viper)
“Shock’s has got an avalanche of tunes on the way and is fast becoming one of the scene’s most exciting producers. With lashings of house vibes, this is one of our faves.”

Sonic – The Prophet (Metro)
“Real nice roller to finish on, as Sonic gets deep on this spiritual track”

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