Ekko & Sidetrack

Nostalgic for Reality


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“Nostalgic for Reality” is the debut album from Ekko & Sidetrack.
It began in February 2022 on a writing trip Jeff & Jonathan Hansen took into the south west of Australia. Over 10 days away from the world in a cabin amongst the trees they went back to their roots and explored the natural creativity generated when jamming together on instruments. Writing primarily on piano, synth and guitar they recaptured the buzz of jamming with your brother – Then turned those jams into drum and bass tunes.

Taking influence from their rock and punk upbringing and combining it with the energy they bring to dance floors around the world this album showcases their range as songwriters with
heavy, epic and intimate moments. “Nostalgic For Reality” represents a years worth of work but a lifetime of exploration into who they are as people, as brothers and artists. In our modern age reality is a slippery thing, if we don’t pay attention we’ll lose touch of what’s real and what’s not.
“Nostalgic for Reality” is released July 21st 2023 on Viper Recordings

Ekko & Sidetrack – Nostaglic for Reality
1. Signals
2. Headrush
3. Deeper
4. The Right Amount Of Too Much
5. Release Yourself ft. Sam M
6. With You (Interlude)
7. The Light ft. Ruth Royall
8. This Was Not Meant To Be Easy ft. Sarah Carton
9. No Good 4 Me
10. Take Me Home ft. Ella Monnery
Label: Viper Recordings
Cat: VPRLP039
Genre: Drum & Bass
Release Date: 21st July 2023
Stream or Buy: https://fanlink.to/VPRLP039