Dub Elements

Rave That Never Ends ft. Kit Rice & Fokus


Stream or Buy: https://fanlink.to/VPR303

Long time friends of Viper, Spanish duo Dub Elements are known across the globe for their versatile productions and memorable performances. 2021’s “Mindshaker EP” brought a healthy dose of neurofunk to Viper, and 2023’s offering brings something completely different.

Teaming up with Kit Rice and Fokus, “Rave That Never Ends” is a radio-friendly summertime anthem, full of jubilant melodies and warm vocals. Beaming with sunny vibes, “Rave That Never Ends” stands in stark contrast with the duo’s previous release, offering sultry liquid funk vibes from start to finish.

Upbeat and warm, Fokus and Kit Rice add a friendliness to the tune that is hard to imitate, a charismatic quality that will surely make this track a favourite. Releasing just in time for summer, Viper are proud to welcome Dub Elements back to the label with this memorable tune.

Dub Elements – Rave That Never Ends ft. Kit Rice & Fokus
1. Rave That Never Ends
Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR303
Genre: Drum & Bass
Release Date: 5th May 2023
Stream or Buy: https://fanlink.to/VPR303