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‘Sandbox’ isn’t just the perfect selection for Dossa & Locuzzed’s last single before their album’s release because of its high levels of production and breezy musicality. But it also embodies what the two Austrian producers are about – that’s a danceability which crosses over genres, one of the primary reasons why they were picked up by the 15-year strong Viper Recordings. Spearheaded by Futurebound, an artist well versed in cross over anthems and appeal, Dossa & Locuzzed were exclusively signed to the imprint and following a succession of well-received singles and critical acclamation they finally announced their forthcoming album ‘Resonate’. And considering the bar set by tracks such as ‘Blinded’, ‘Starship’, ‘My Love’ and ‘Tha Bird’, as well as a host of other streamlined, yet musically explosive cuts, their LP is looking to become a defining part of Viper Recordings catalogue.

With names like DJ Marky being thrown into the mix, there’s a host of tastes catered to, although ‘Sandbox’ delivers these eclectic styles and presents them in a form that washes over its listener with its sublime goodness. Still underpinned by gyrating kick drums which shake through to the record’s core, the melodies which are intrinsic to a Dossa & Locuzzed track instantly push their way through its intricate layering. Dossa & Locuzzed do what they do best and that’s deliver an offering which translates both within a club setting and within a home listening session. This is one factor into their addition to the roster of Viper Recordings. They’re a label who recognise the importance of drum & bass and not just the tear out club tracks – the label’s diversity has ensured its longevity for nearly two decades. Years on, they’re still ahead of the game. Dossa & Locuzzed’s ‘Resonate’ album is just one more example of that fact.

Dossa & Locuzzed 
1. Sandbox
Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR193
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 8th November 2019
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