Light Inside EP


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A huge name in bassline, Viper are proud to present the debut EP from Armodine, “Light Inside”. Featuring 4 brand new tracks plus a remix from Georgie Riot, this EP is a surefire home run for the imprint.

Title track “Light Inside” is the first look inside the producer’s mind, delivering more high-octane, rave-ready drum & bass that is sure to send crowds wild the world over. Using infectious pop vocals alongside blazing basslines, “Light Inside” is as catchy as it is decimating, combining all the best parts of the genre into one neat package.

One of the hottest acts in drum & bass, English DJ & producer Georgie Riot returns to Viper with her remix of Armodine’s “Stuck On You” next. Following her debut single with REPAIR, “Walk Away”, and her guest mix for Viper Radio in February, Georgie Riot is back in a big way, this time with her spin on “Stuck On You”.

Bringing high energy right from the start, “Stuck On You” is an instant dancefloor classic with energetic synths, pounding bass, and catchy vocal chops coming together for an unforgettable result. Vibrant and full of life, Georgie Riot cements her place in the drum & bass world with every note. The EP also features a second version of the tune with the “Stuck On Synths” edit, delivering an equally memorable rendition on a softer beat – perfect summer night vibes.

“In My World” is an ominous, fast-paced drum & bass slammer bringing a foreboding energy into the mix. Neurofunk with a jazzy twist, “In My World” is sure to be a favourite amongst the heads and guaranteed to heat up any dancefloor this summer.

Last but not least, is “Fly Flap” which verges more on the line of jump-up while still bringing the dark vibes of neurofunk, a true testament to the producer’s versatility and mastery of the genre. While he originally made a name for himself in bassline, Armodine’s love for dirty basslines is evident more than ever on this record, a perfect fit for both drum & bass as a whole and Viper.

A label known for discovering the biggest names in drum & bass, Futurebound’s ear is second to none, so it is no surprise to see Armodine joining the label’s legendary roster. The “Light Inside” EP is as diverse as it is impressive, and is sure to create a new wave of Armodine fans across the world.

Armodine – Light Inside EP
1. Light Inside
2. Stuck On You (Georgie Riot Remix)
3. In My World
4. Fly Flap
5. Stuck On You (Stuck On Synth Edit)
Label: Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR305
Genre: Drum & Bass
Release Date: 9th June 2023
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