The Prototypes - Don't Let Me Go [VPR061]
The Prototypes - Don't Let Me Go [VPR061]

Released on August 10th via Viper Recordings comes the second single from The Prototypes hotly anticipated debut LP, ‘City of Gold'.

Fully embracing a summer sound with the A-side ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, the production and DJ duo smoothly combine old school style piano chords, signature energized drums and the pulse-racing vocals of Amy Pearson. Already receiving nationwide radio support, the single package also includes a sultry house remix from the talented Jade Blue and an electro-fuelled "Big Top" dancefloor rework by The Prototypes themselves.

The B-side stays true to The Prototypes heavy hitting, galactic-inspired sound, with the whirring ‘Humanoid’. Exciting and rhythmical use of synth patterns alongside vocal interjections make this the ideal follow up to the hugely popular 'Pale Blue Dot'.

The Prototypes have worked their magic again with this release, combining the euphoric house elements of 'Don’t Let Me Go' with their trademark pumping bass lines and weighty drops in 'Humanoid'. It’s another great prelude to the arrival of their album and will feature heavily on dancefloors across the globe this summer.

The Prototypes
'Don't Let Me Go'
1. Don't Let Me Go (feat. Amy Pearson)
2. Humanoid
3. Don't Let Me Go (feat. Amy Pearson) (Jade Blue - Hard Remix)
4. Don't Let Me Go (feat. Amy Pearson) (Jade Blue - Piano Remix)
5. Don't Let Me Go (feat. Amy Pearson) (Big Top Mix)

Label: Viper Recordings
Cat # VPR061
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 10th August 2014
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