Furlonge - All You Ever Knew / Reach Out [VPR038]
Furlonge - All You Ever Knew / Reach Out [VPR038]

Truly unique producers are few and far between, and while it is often easier for artists to rise to prominence on the basis of in-vogue club smashers or radio friendly remixes, it takes a passionate and rare talent to develop and push a new sound wildly out of step with what others are doing, and bring something fresh and innovative to the clubs and fans of electronic music. Furlonge is without doubt one of these boundary-pushing artists. Over the course of only a few releases he has showcased a fully developed sound that panders to no one and demonstrates a singular vision and integrity that only those with true talent can posses.

‘All You Ever Knew’ is the follow up to Furlonge’s massive anthems, ‘This Love’ and ‘Time Remains’ (which featured exclusively on Matrix & Futurebound’s essential recent mix album ‘Worldwide:001’) and continues the lineage of tunes which started with early releases such as ‘Drifter’ (alongside Brookes Brothers) which featured on the flip to ‘Tear You Down’ on Breakbeat Kaos and ‘Task Master’ (taken from the Viper album ‘Acts Of Mad Men’ - Radio 1 album of the week) which brought him to the attention of the masses with Zane Lowe and Annie Mac both hammering the track on Radio 1.

Taking Furlonge’s signature marriage of retro iconic sounding vocals and amazing production into both dubstep and drum and bass, this single demonstrates once again that for those in the know, Furlonge is one of the most unique and exciting producers in dance music today.

Furlonge - All You Ever Knew (Fabio & Grooverider Radio1) by Viper Recordings

Furlonge ‘All You Ever Knew’ (Featuring Franklyn Gaye)
Straight from the off, this track hits home with a cannon of original standout sounds. Kicking off with a rhythmic bongo loop and group hand claps alongside 80’s pop synth’s, this lays the foundation for the incredible vocal, which layered over the opening production sounds some way between gospel and soulful reggae. Once again (and due to Furlonge’s track record this is no surprise) the vocal is an instantly memorable, smile-inducing classic. At the drop, the> track rolls out with robotic future dub electro bass and bleeps, sounds snaking around the rhythm track as the vocal reverbs in and out. With this track, its fair to say that Furlonge has deconstructed the essence of dubstep, intertwining his own retro / future influences until the final record sounds like nothing else around today. Some will love the pop nature of some of the production; others will sing along to iconic vocal and bounce to the warmth of the bass. Everyone will smile. A boundary pushing pop bass masterpiece.

Furlonge ‘Reach Out’ (Featuring Katie Alley)
No mere B-side, ‘Reach Out’ takes Furlonge back into DnB territory, and once again the vocal is nothing short of mesmeric. Kicking off, the beats hit straight from the top, snap tight drums alongside a descending, off beat, almost accordion style synth, joined by the hook laden ethereal vocal. At the drop the track explodes into action with repeated dubby bass stabs underlying acidic and robo synths and the rejoining of the angelic vocal. Don’t be lulled by the delicate topline, this track is a club smasher, the juxtaposition of the pummeling bass and the melody will leave no stone unturned in its task of making feet more on the floor. With Furlonge’s releases, there is never any filler, and this is another A-list bomb.



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