Brookes Brothers - Flashing Lights (feat. ShezAr & Bossman Birdie)
Brookes Brothers - Flashing Lights (feat. ShezAr & Bossman Birdie)

Hot on the heels of their first single, ‘Movin’ On’, the Brookes Brothers are back with another new track off their upcoming ‘Orange Lane’ LP. 

Reminding us once again of the high quality content the brothers are capable of, ‘Flashing Lights’ combines soulful, upbeat vocals with the jazz-infused beats that have become the trademark sound of the brothers. 

ShezAr and Bossman Birdie lend their vocal talents, giving us both soulful lyrics and smooth rap breakdowns in between colourful production in a way that only the Brookes Brothers can pull off. 

Empowering, upbeat, and incredibly vivacious, ‘Flashing Lights’ serves as yet another reminder to the caliber of drum & bass that has become synonymous with the name Brookes Brothers. 

Catch the Brookes Brothers ‘Orange Lane’ album showcase alongside Cyantific, Koven, The Harry Shotta Show, TC, and Majistrate on The Sound of Drum and Bass UK Tour this winter: 

Brookes Brothers
‘Flashing Lights’
1. Flashing Lights (feat. ShezAr & Bossman Birdie)

Label: Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR123
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 6th Oct. 2017
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Orange Lane LP out 20th Oct. 2017:
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