Viper Podcast #003 Hosted by Miss Trouble (July 2017)
Viper Podcast #003 Hosted by Miss Trouble (July 2017)

The Viper Recordings Podcast, bringing you the newest and freshest tracks direct from Viper HQ! Hosted by Miss Trouble, this month's episode features a special guest mix from Toronto Is Broken, one of the newest members of the Team Viper camp.

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Episode #003 Tracklist:
Blaine Stranger - Mesmerise
Matrix and Futurebound - Light Us Up (Dossa Locuzzed dub remix)
Cyantific - Fade Into The Night
Moby - Simple Love (BMotion Remix)
Insomniax - Facehugger
Disaszt - Vogue
Aktive - Hyperflow
Insomniax - Crying Rain
Dub Elements - Short Circuit

Guest Mix by Toronto Is Broken:
Dimension - Beg & Borrow
Toronto Is Broken - Make Me Feel
TC - Start A Riot (Toronto Is Broken Remix)
Toronto Is Broken - Deep Freeze (feat. Cianna Blaze)
EastColors - Watch Out (Enei Remix)
BMotion - Bear Hug VIP
Mob Tactics - Welcome To Your Nightmare (feat. Nuklear MC)
Sub Focus - Timewarp
Toronto Is Broken - No Gyal Tune
Toronto Is Broken - Back Again
Toronto Is Broken - Trying To Find Home (feat. Jodie Carnall)
Dimension - Digital World VIP
Jon Hopkins - Breathe This Air (Toronto Is Broken Bootleg)
Dawn Wall - I See You
Toronto Is Broken - SXN
Marvellous Caine - The HitMan (Toronto Is Broken Remix)
L Plus - Middle East Sun
ShockOne - Polygon VIP (Feat. Reija Lee)
Metrik - Nightdrive
Toronto Is Broken - Spirit Song 2017
Left/Right - Lies (feat. JacQ)